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Equipped to Care

A 5-Week Lay Counsellors Certification Programme

A programme designed for people who help others to navigate life by walking with them through challenging times and offer a listening ear. The programme is especially suited for community volunteers, spiritual and religious leaders, youth leaders and anyone who seeks to walk with wounded people in the community.

Self-awareness & Self-care


Listening Skills

Essentials of Confidentiality

Crisis Management

Psychological First Aid

When & How to Refer Cases

Common Community Issues

Grief Counselling

A Grief Counselling Course for Lay Counsellors

A course designed for lay counsellors aimed at teaching them skills to help people navigate the experience of grief and loss. The course equips people with skills that can help them cope with their own difficult emotions as they learn more about the stages of grief, ethics in counselling, confidentiality, etc. The learning experience is enhanced with activities such as role play.

Self- awareness & Self-care


Listening Skills

Psychoeducation: Stages of Grief

Maintaining Boundaries


Addressing Fear of Death

Social Support Mapping

Workplace Care & Culture Support

A 3-Part Course for People Managers and Human Capital Teams

An interactive and engaging course designed to help people managers to acquire tools that help in building beneficial rapport with their team members. The course also provides participants with the basics of managing difficult situations within the workplace and in their own personal lives. It includes course work, homework, pre- and post-learning tests and role play.

Self- awareness & Self-discovery

Self-care & Personal Stress Management

Creating an Environment of Care

Reflective Listening

Assertive Communication

Communicating Bad News

Managing a Crisis

Navigating Corona Virus

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