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Renaisense facilitates life transformation and optimisation of individuals and groups through counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatry, coaching and training.

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Our Mission

As an indigenous Zambian psychiatric therapy centre, we consider it both our privilege and passion to provide the best psychiatric care and customer service available.

Our Vision

The Renaisense team is committed to understanding our customers’ needs, and we work collaboratively in an environment of mutual respect and confidentiality.

Our Values

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Our therapists are experienced in helping with most personal, emotional and psychological issues.

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At Renaisense, we accept and respect you for who you are, our goal is facilitating life transformation so you can become the best version of yourself. Sometimes visiting our premises is inconvenient or difficult due to things outside your control. Call us today so one of our caring psychiatrists can listen to and understand your needs in our supportive, non-judgmental environment. Through counselling, we will deeply engage with you, encouraging the expression of feelings such as anger, anxiety, grief and embarrassment. Our psychiatrist will create a trusting space and prescribe an individualized growth programme customized to your needs.

News & Resources

What to expect at therapy

What to expect at therapy

In this video Dr. Akani, the Managing Consultant at Renaisense, gives insights into psychotherapy sessions and what clients should expect. She answers some basic questions that people normally have about therapy including making appointments, choice of therapist and...

Harmful effects of alcohol

Harmful effects of alcohol

In this video Mutale Kabumbu, a psycotherapist at Renaisense, discusses the harmful effects of alcohol and how to make better decisions when drinking. This is our first video in a series of instructional videos which we hope will help you to understand mental health...

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life…

We are an indigenous Zambian psychiatric therapy centre and we provide a range of services for individuals, couples and families, or corporate clients. Our sessions are conducted in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere, and all our interactions are confidential.

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