Lay Counsellors Certificate Programme

Our lay counsellors certificate programme was developed in-house to address a need we noticed in a wide variety of organizations, companies, and communities. It is our hope that we can equip you or your staff to know how to listen, understand, and help people around you.

A 5-Module Part Time Theory & Practice Course

A programme designed for people who help others to navigate life by walking with them through challenging times and offer a listening ear. The programme is especially suited for community volunteers, spiritual and religious leaders, youth leaders and anyone who seeks to walk with wounded people in the community.

What You Will Learn

1. Self-Awareness & Self Care

2. Journaling

3. Therapeutic Listening Skills

4. Essentials of Confidentiality

5. Crisis Management

6. Basic Psycological First-Aid

7. When & How to Refer Cases

8. Managing Community Issues


    • Must be 18 years of age and above
    • Must possess a grade 12 qualification and above
    • Must be actively involved in helping people in their community where acquired skills can be immediately applied


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